Awareness Charms

Support a cause close to your heart with an Awareness Lucky Penny Keychain. Choose the ribbon color or symbol that represents what’s most important to you whether it’s a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer, a sobriety symbol for Alcoholics Anonymous, a multicolor puzzle piece for Autism Awareness, or another colorful ribbon supporting awareness for other cancers.

You can use a Lucky Penny Keychain to organize your keys and find the right key fast, or as a gift to lift the spirit of a friend or family member. Each keychain has its own personality which might include a personalized date, a silver Hope ribbon, or a unique stamp that expresses important ideas or details. So, if you resonate with the elephant and forget-me-not flower stamps on the Alzheimer's Awareness Purple Ribbon, or the baby feet stamps on the Infant Loss (SIDS) Keychain, or the flower stamp on the Down Syndrome Awareness Lucky Penny Keychain then we have you covered. Mix and match the stamps and charms you would like to see on one keychain, and we’ll do our very best to create your new favorite keychain. Feel free to contact us.

If there are keychains that you would like to see added to this collection, please feel free to contact our team so that we can get to work right away to put together something presentable in a timely manner.

Thank you for your interest in the Awareness Lucky Penny Keychains!