Alzheimer's Awareness Purple Ribbon Charm attached to a silver Hope Ribbon on a 3 inch Lucky Penny Keychain. A hand stamped elephant and forget-me-not flower are engraved above the date on the penny.
An Alzheimer's Lucky Penny Keychain with all the elements that represent the disease; an elephant, forget-me-not flower, and purple ribbon.
This 3 inch Lucky Penny Keychain is a great way to find the right key fast!
A Collection of Lucky Penny Keychains from Palmetto Charms and Etcetera including the Flamingo, Seashell, SC Nurse, and Alzheimer's Awareness designs.
Rear view look at the Alzheimer's Awareness Purple Ribbon Charm Lucky Penny Keychain.
Palmetto Charms & Etc.

Alzheimer's Awareness Purple Ribbon Charm Lucky Penny Keychain

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You can bring awareness to Alzheimer's Disease with this Lucky Penny Keychain featuring a hand stamped elephant and flower above the date of the penny.

A purple ribbon charm reminds people that you will remember when they can't, plus it's a great conversation starter. More than 11 million Americans provide care for people with Alzheimer's or other dementias, so chances are that you will be seen as relatable to many people. 

Use this 3 inch keychain as a way to organize your keys and find the right key fast. The Alzheimer's Awareness Lucky Penny Keychain is also a stylish addition to a backpack, laptop bag, or purse.

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