A yellow and blue Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon Charm attached to a Lincoln Cent with an engraving of your choice above the date. Choose footprints, a daisy, or heart shaped stamp.
The Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon on a Lucky Penny Keychain with a Lincoln Cent engraved with a daisy flower design above the date. This charm is a great gift on this Lucky Penny Keychain.
Choice of engraving on a penny. Choose between footprints, a daisy flower, or heart design.
A Lucky Penny Keychain with a yellow and blue awareness ribbon charm attached to a penny with an engraving above the date.
Down Syndrome Footprints Penny.
Down Syndrome Flower Penny.
Down Syndrome Heart Penny.
The rear view of our hand stamped Lucky Penny Keychains with a silver Down Syndrome charm on a 3" keychain.
Down Syndrome, Suicide Prevention, SIDS Awareness Lucky Penny Keychains.
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Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon Charm Lucky Penny Keychain

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Some people are differently abled and that's great! They are capable, willing, and determined to do a lot of things that most people take for granted. We want to honor the differently abled with a charm among our awareness ribbon collection. 

The Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon is our way to advocate for the acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome. We engrave a detailed design of your choice on a Lincoln Cent and attach a yellow and blue ribbon charm to this Lucky Penny Keychain. You choose the engraving on the penny - footprints stamp, daisy flower stamp, or heart stamp.

We hand stamp your penny with care so that it will bring you a smile and maybe some good luck too! 

Gift Guide: Down Syndrome Awareness Month is recognized every October since the 1980's, however, this Lucky Penny Keychain is a thoughtful gift to give anytime of the year.

Specific Uses:

  • a way to share your personality with the world
  • a stylish addition to a backpack, laptop bag, or purse
  • a solution to find the right key fast
  • gifts


  • a yellow and blue Down Syndrome awareness ribbon charm
  • a hand stamped Lincoln Cent with a detailed design of your choice
  • 3" chain
  • Keyring


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