A purple and teal ribbon charm to help raise awareness for Suicide Prevention that includes an engraving of a heart design above the date of a penny.
Suicide Prevention Charm on a Lucky Penny Keychain with a heart engraving.
3 pennies hand stamped with your choice of footprints, a daisy flower, or a heart for love.
A full view of the suicide prevention awareness ribbon charm on a 3" keychain to help you find the right key fast.
Suicide Prevention Footprints Penny.
Suicide Prevention Flower Penny.
Suicide Prevention Heart Penny.
The rear view of a Lucky Penny Keychain with a custom stamped penny with an awareness ribbon charm.
Down Syndrome, Suicide Prevention, SIDS Awareness Lucky Penny Keychains.
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Suicide Prevention Awareness Ribbon Charm Lucky Penny Keychain

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The purple and teal ribbon means support for suicide prevention awareness. 

Life is hard, but it's harder alone. You can be the one to help save a life by following the five action steps on the #BeThe1To website which starts by just asking after someone in a caring way.

By carrying the Suicide Prevention Ribbon you are letting people know ahead of time that they can count on a safe space when talking to you about their suicidal thoughts.

Losing someone to suicide comes with a lot of complicated emotions. Let this Lucky Penny Keychain serve as a reminder of your loved one throughout the day. We hand stamp your penny with care because we care about suicide survivors and hope to bring a smile to your face.

Choose a hand stamp that you'd prefer to see engraved on your Lincoln Cent. We offer footprints, a daisy flower, or a simple heart for this Lucky Penny Keychain.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline toll-free number, 1-800-273-TALK(8255) connects the caller to a certified crisis center near where the call is placed.

Gift Guide: National Suicide Prevention Month is September, however, this awareness charm is an appropriate gift any time of the year for someone that has been affected by suicide in some way.

Specific Uses:

  • a way to share with the world what's important to you 
  • a stylish addition to a backpack, laptop bag, or purse
  • a solution to find the right key fast
  • gifts

This Lucky Penny Keychain includes:

  • a purple and teal Suicide Prevention Awareness ribbon charm
  • a hand stamped Lincoln Cent with a detailed design of your choice
  • 3" chain
  • Keyring


***The penny you receive may be a random year.

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