5 Reasons Why You Need a Lucky Penny Keychain

Amanda Mitchum Lucky Penny Keychains

Collection of Lucky Penny Keychains with Silver Charms from Palmetto Charms & Etc. Clover, Paw Print, Filigree Heart, Christian Cross shown.

Have you ever seen a cluster of keys that have no keychain? It can be a mess! How can you tell one key from the other? Some people may use those colorful round key covers, and those are fine, but they can make your keys even more bulky than they already are. So, what’s the fix? Palmetto Charms & Etc. has you covered with a compelling list of reasons why you need a Lucky Penny Keychain.

1. To Find the Right Key Fast

Imagine you’re pulling into your driveway late at night. You get out of the car and walk to your front door. Among your purse and probably a take-out box, your drink, the mail you got out of the mailbox, and the many other possible items you’re juggling in your arms, your keys slip out of your hand.

If you’re like me you’re not going to bother putting down the many objects that are making your silhouette look like the most talented clown at the circus. You’re probably in the middle of a red-faced strain to inch a finger towards the keyring, when... finally! - you reach the keys and snap them up.

Now, because you’re in the middle of the best juggling act ever, you’re probably reduced to trying to feel the right key, but how do you tell the difference between your house key, garage door key, shed key, work key, desk key, or whatever other key your industry requires you lug around? The answer is simpler than you think!

A Lucky Penny Keychain might have prevented this whole fiasco from the start. Yes, that’s right! The length of our keychains is about 3 inches depending on the charm, so it creates a greater possibility that you would’ve caught those keys before they even fell. But even if you had dropped the keys, managed to pick them back up, and awkwardly scrambled them around in your hands, you would’ve known instantly which key was your house key.

How? Because when you first received your Lucky Penny Keychain you put it to the left side of your house key, and because of its length it’s the first thing you were able to recognize by feel.

2. To Share Your Personality

We think the most fun reason to own a Lucky Penny Keychain is because of the personality you get to share along with it. Each charm that we offer has its own characteristics and that means you’re able to enhance your own fun traits just by having one. For example, we offer a Silver Anchor Charm on a hand stamped Lincoln Cent that shows a matching Anchor on the penny.

Silver Anchor Charm with Hand Stamped Anchor on a Lucky Penny Keychain

An Anchor symbolically represents Strength, Faith, and Hope. Anyone who wants to accent their personality with these wonderful attributes would do well to carry around the Silver Anchor Charm.

As another example, we offer a Nurse’s Stethoscope Heart Silver Charm Lucky Penny Keychain with a Caduceus Stamp. We all know that Nurses are caregivers by design. This Silver Charm is in the shape of a heart which lends so well to their generously giving spirit.

3. To Gift to Friends

Not only do we have silver and colorful glitter charms that represent Dog or Cat Lovers, but we also have Music Note Charms for the musically inclined. This means that even if you can’t play the flute, you can still share the music!

Fish Hook Lucky Penny Keychain, Hand Stamped Lincoln Cent with Silver Charm

We offer two types of Lucky Penny Keychains for Christians. One is a simple Cross Charm with a Cross Stamped Lincoln Cent. The other is a 3-Charm Keychain that starts with a small silver Bible, has a Cross, and ends with the name JESUS outlined by a fish. These make good gifts to give when you know your friend goes to church but you’re not sure of much else.

For your favorite Fisherman, we have the most fun keychain! A Silver Fish attached to a Silver Hook alongside a Lincoln Cent hand stamped with a fish design. It’s like a two-for-one catch! Our Fish Hook Lucky Penny Keychain is one for the ages and one they won’t be able to stop talking about!

4. Lightweight on Your Steering Column

If we had to get technical (which we are not so inclined), one reason to buy a Lucky Penny Keychain is because our designs are lightweight on your steering column. When people have gobs of keys hanging there, they can cause extra strain on your car. Boring, but true.

And last, but certainly not least…

5. In The Case of a Zombie Apocalypse, To Barter With

We’ve survived lots of natural disasters, but what if a Zombie Apocalypse was thrust upon us? Now, we agree that this is completely absurd, but after having lived through the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are sure that some situations could possibly arise that would cause a chain reaction of bartering.

Aquarius Lucky Penny Keychain, Hand Stamped Cent w/Charm

What our Zodiac Constellation Charms mean to one person, may mean a whole lot more to another. These Lucky Penny Keychains do show the actual constellation, so if a sailor was navigating the open seas, he may need it more than you. Who knows?

What Comes Next

We are excited for the future! You’ve shown us how diverse you are by the requests you’ve made, and we are eager to exceed your expectations.

We are expanding our Lucky Penny Keychains to include some animals other than Cats and Dogs that you love like Honey Bees and Ladybugs, as well as a few more professions like Police and Fire Departments.

We have searched for materials to make charms for the military but haven't had much luck finding the right items.

In Conclusion

Now, for your homework! Yes, we need you as much as you need us! 😊 We would like to know your Top 5 list of charms you would like to see added to our Catalog. Also, if you have any suggestions on where we can look to find military items for our store, please leave a comment below.

You are a part of us as much as we are a part of you. We choose charms that we feel best represent you, and we always want to bring you a smile. Cheers!

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