Aquarius Lucky Penny Keychain with 2 silver charms show Zodiac sign and constellation. Hand stamped penny shows symbol.
Double-sided good luck silver Aquarius charms on a keychain with a hand stamped penny showing Zodiac sign.
At 3" long this Aquarius good luck silver charm keychain is the perfect length to find the right key fast!
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Aquarius Constellation Lucky Penny Keychain

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For creative and unique Aquarius this Lucky Penny Keychain is the perfect way to share your personality. The double sided silver charms not only show the Zodiac symbol, but they also show the shape of the constellation. The penny is hand stamped with a matching symbol and enhanced with ink so that it's visible. At 3" long this keychain makes a great way to find the right key fast! 

We hand stamp your penny with care so that it will bring you a smile!

The penny you receive may be a random year.

Gift Guide:  Gift this Aquarius Lucky Penny Keychain to anyone with a birthday between January 20th - February 19th.

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