A Volleyball Lucky Penny Keychain by Palmetto Charms & Etc. is the perfect way to share your love of the game with the world!
At 3" long, this Volleyball Lucky Penny Keychain is a great solution to organize your keys and find the right key fast.
Volleyball Charm Lucky Penny Keychain
Start the sports season off right with a Volleyball, Soccer Ball, Baseball, or Cheerleading Lucky Penny Keychain from Palmetto Charms & Etc.
Palmetto Charms & Etc.

Volleyball Charm Lucky Penny Keychain

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For the most intense Volleyball players among you, we present this Volleyball Charm Lucky Penny Keychain so that you can share your passion of the game with the world.

The connector charm attaches the keyring to a hand stamped penny that shows a detailed engraved design of a volleyball above the date. At 3” long it’s the perfect way to organize your keys and find the right key fast.

We recommend this Lucky Penny Keychain as a way to remember your time on the court or as a giftable keepsake for the Volleyball player in your household.

Specific Uses:

  • a way to share your personality with the world
  • a charm to express what you love
  • a stylish addition to a backpack, laptop bag, or purse
  • a solution to find the right key fast
  • gifts

This Lucky Penny Keychain includes:

  • a silver Volleyball charm
  • a hand stamped penny with a detailed Volleyball design
  • keyring

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  • We ship each package with tracking labels.
  • Each order comes packaged in a white poly bubble mailer. Inside the package, each keychain comes housed in its own sealed sleeve, which makes it easy to gift to your favorite person.
  • We include a final invoice with your order for your records and to help you keep up with purchased quantities.

*The penny you receive may be a random year.

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