Pink Donut & Coffee Cup Silver Charm on a Lucky Penny Keychain with engraved hand stamped Lincoln Cent showing a steaming cup of coffee.
Lucky Penny Keychain with Pink Doughnut & silver Coffee Cup alongside an engraved Lincoln Cent showing a steaming cup of joe.
A Coffee Lovers Lucky Penny Keychain from Palmetto Charms & Etc.
Palmetto Charms & Etc.

Pink Doughnut & Coffee Cup Silver Charm Lucky Penny Keychain

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What better way to reward a Coffee Lover near you! This Lucky Penny Keychain sports a pink doughnut, a silver coffee cup, and an engraved Lincoln Cent with a hand stamped design of a steaming cup of coffee. Take your Morning Cup of Joe with you wherever you go! At 3" long this keychain is the best way to find the right key fast.

We hand stamp your Lucky Penny with care so that it will bring you a smile!

The penny you receive may be a random year.

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